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Making Your Dream Wedding Come True

Chesterfield is the perfect wedding venue to make your dream wedding come true. Our rustic wedding barn venue, located in the idyllic setting of Piedmont, OK, is the perfect setting for your special day. Our affordable packages ensure that you can have your dream wedding without breaking the bank. Contact us today to start planning your wedding!

Jessica Moore Co-Founder & Creative Director

Expertise and Experience

Jessica Moore, co-founder and creative director at Chesterfield, has years of experience in the wedding industry. Her expertise ensures that every detail of your wedding is perfect. From the flowers to the table settings, Jessica approaches every aspect of your wedding with professionalism and creativity.

Angela Bradshow Co-Founder & Creative Director

A Visionary in Wedding Planning

Angela Bradshow, co-founder and creative director at Chesterfield, is a visionary in wedding planning. Her attention to detail and passion for weddings make her an expert in creating unique and unforgettable weddings. Angela works closely with our clients to ensure that their wedding day is everything they dreamed of and more.

Remy Sellers Co-Founder & Creative Director

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